So this is going to sound EXTREMELY non pc.
Actually it is.
After watching American Idol last night…
They literally just need to take the darker divas and put them into the top 6 right now.
Jordin SparksLakisha Jones
Melinda DoolittleSabrina Sloan
Stephanie Edwards

If your skin is lighter than a vanilla latte, this year, you need to pack it up.

Alaina AlexanderAmy Krebs
Antonella BarbaGina Glocksen
Haley ScarnatoLeslie Hunt
Nicole Tranquillo

The sistas are Light Years ahead of their pasty counterparts. It is actually quite embarrassing.
I mean if I was white.
Wait. I am. Well at least I act like I am. So am I? When the brother in Guitar Center today looked at me twice when I asked about turn tables, I should have taken that as a big hint.
I gots to buy me some Fubu and get rid of my front tuck. Then maybe I’ll get some help in the DJ/Pro Audio dept.
This is getting worse the longer I type.
Am I right or wrong about the girls of AI?