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Here are the different reasons why Andy Stanley ticks me off.
1. He makes me look at the things I DO NOT WANT TO LOOK AT and changes my thinking.
2. His passion constantly shows me that I have room to be more passionate.
3. He challenges me to look at my system and constantly ask the hard questions.
4. He shows me how pissed off my family is at me when they do not see me from Sunday to Wednesday afternoon

So. Andy Stanley. Thanks for continuing to tick people off. Because your DRIVE for seeing the world come to know Christ is infectious.

Yea. I just watched EVERY Drive video in one sitting. It is 3:30 am. It was as addicting as 24. Now how many people can pull that off and not be Jack Bauer?
Who has pissed you off like this lately?
(HT for the videos: Patty Cake)