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So I just got done listening to Erwin deliver a few minutes on Soul Cravings. His new book and journey his church is going on. It is a journey of the search of every human being for what will fill their soul.
It was fun watching his directness ruffle more than a few feathers in the room. He said lot’s but here are a few of the nuggets I left with…

– We need to be asking more questions than giving more answers.
– God is actively engaged with every human being on the planet.
– When Ted Haggard goes into Christian rehab and walks out three weeks later saying he is cured and no longer gay…the world knows he is lying. Why don’t we?
– We need to let their minds catch up with what their soul already knows.

We could feed on these quotes for a few months. Amazing thoughts.
What do you feel about these or other thoughts on mans essential search for something more?