Last year Heather wanted to go skydiving. I was too fat to go. You had to be under 210 lbs. I was 226 at the time. But for some reason the owner told Heather that the wind was right and he would take me.
Um. Is it me, or should I have said no? Either way he strapped my fat ass to his belly and we spooned all the way up to the heavens. Brother weighed more than me. Then all at once we tumbled out. The camera guy who was video taping us even had to put on weights to keep up with us on the way down. Watching this makes me want to go again so I can fall slower. That way when the parachute opens my “boys” don’t end up in my throat. I know I posted this about a year ago but I thought I would throw it up for the 400 or so a day newbies who come around.

Any of you jumped?