I love days like today.
I have had 5 meetings with 5 people. All in different parts of Riverside.
9:30 – Tyler Mall Starbucks, Brad Penny. Worship Team Interest
11:00 – Mi casa – Losiah’s Social Worker
12:00 – Downtown – Brady Collins – Discipleship/Music
1:30 – Gelato Roma – Derek Imai, MY brother to Central Asia.
2:15 – Starbucks 91&Arlington – Steve Jameson, arranging music for upcoming series.
2:40 – Starbucks and Arlington – Me, Myself, and I. Hiding from the world answering the 330 left in my inbox.
Photo 451
If you are in here and see a mexican/panamanian dude with cowboy boots on and a Moi hoodie pulled over his head, it is my hint that I am trying to get some stuff done. Like getting my “Fellowship One” contacts cleared out.
Fellowship One is basically like Big Brother disguised cleverly as a church database.
Gotta type…He is watching…