I’m tired. I’m not doing a video tonight.
I have decided to share some of my favorite quotes of the day…

Img 3827“Hey Carlos…Are you going to eat that danish? Because Bethany would really like it.” – Nathan Gaddis
Img 3840“Bro. I haven’t put the church disclaimer on my blog. I wanna see how far…” – The Blogstar – Chad
Img 3821“Now you guys can go back to your churches and tell them how bad we suck. Tell them, If they can do it, well you can too.” – Mac Powell – Third Day
Img 3845“Dude. I wasn’t sleeping” – Justin Kawalski
Img 3848“I totally want your body right now” – Rockalot
Img 3860“We should just have her sing all night” (said by the Lifeway demo singer dude)…Response by Mark Jaffery – “AMEN!!!”

Img 3799 2
“So are we really going to go eat some fat pills?” – Elliot Moon
“The asians love them some Steve Fee. With band members names like Fee, Moon, they probably thought we looked like them!!!” – Elliot Moon

Tomorrow is Leeland. Yes.