OK. So this is not P.C. in some professional conference circles.
I am really missing my kids.
I know some who would not admit that.
They are either lying or they don’t like their kids.

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I miss Sohaila…
– Because she thinks I can do no wrong.
– Because she falls asleep faster when I breathe on her eyes
– Because she cries when I grasshopper dies
– Because she wants Kat Von D to do my next tattoo, “Daddy. She is pretty. I like the stars on her eyes…”
I miss Seanna…
– Because she doesn’t care if I do wrong.
– Because she makes her sister DIE laughing
– Because she folds all her underwear before she puts them away. She’s 3.
– Because when she picks you, you KNOW it’s for real.
I miss Losiah…
– Because last week he looked at me, laughed, and said…”Dada”
– Because someone could not keep him so I could have him.
– Because he licks his boogers 27/7.
– Because he gave me a son.

OK. I’m done.