Aoth Lrg

The Hillsong United praise and worship team are returning in 2007 with the eagerly-awaited new studio album, ‘All Of The Above’– the first of a 3-part global project. You can look forward to 12 fresh songs that consist of raw passion straight from the hearts of young people who exist to stir up a generation both locally and globally to live and stand for the hope and salvation found in Jesus Christ. Available March 2007 and comes with a bonus DVD.

I am interested to hear what a studio album will sound like. It is scary for an artist to go from 4 great live albums into the studio and create energy. Should be interesting. You can check out Windows Media files on the website.
What do you guys think? Do you like “worship” albums to be live or in the studio?
But knowing what I know, most “Live Worship” albums are 90% in the studio anyways.