Picture 5-6So we are a little under 1000 visits away from 150,000 visits here at Ragamuffin Soul. That is crazy. This should happen in the next 24 hours or so. We are averaging about 1000 a day now and 1500 page views. Stat ho. I know.
So first of all.
Thanks. Thanks for making blogging fun. I mean it was fun when it was just my mom and cousin reading, but it’s more fun now. You know?

Anyways. In order to celebrate 150,000, I am going to give a prize away.
The prize is a photo shoot worth almost 2 Grand with the one and only Daley Hake. If you live within a days drive from So Cal I’ll pay for him to get there and spend the night. If you live farther, you get him to you and I’ll pay for him to sleep and eat and shoot you. Put him on a train. Put him on a bus. He travels light. Honestly. If you have seen his work, you know that he could pull some AMAZING stuff for either you, your family, engagement, wedding, bar mitzvah, first kiss, whatever.
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There are about 65 people a day searching for the word PENIS that land here, but Daley does not do that kind of photography. So don’t sign up.
Here is how we will do this…
1. Put your name and email as a comment on this post telling me you want to enter. (or just email me your email and I’ll catalog it.)
2. I will post a contest signup everyday. You may sign up once a day. So that will be 7 chances for you to win if you sign up everyday.
3. At noon Next Tuesday I will hold a drawing with Daley himself. We will video it and announce who won.

So there it is. Should be fun. Spread the word/contest image to your grandma, cousin, and barber so they can sign up and win for you. You can use any of these images on your blog if you wish.


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