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This is a list of 7 applications that are designed to make up the ground that iTunes hasn’t kept pace with.
>> iDump
iDump it’s a freeware that will allow you transfer your songs off your iPod
to a PC, iDump does come wrapped in installer but you can simply drop
the .exe in the root directory on your iPod and run it from there.
>> iPodCopy
iPodCopy is a useful application that allows you to copy songs or playlists from your iPod to your PC.
Songs are saved under artist/album folders. Large copy operations can
be canceled while in progress. Copy all your music in a couple of mouse
clicks. Transfer songs and playlists from your iPod directly into
>> iGadget
lets you to realize the full potential of your iPod. With iGadgetTM,
you’ll be able to transform your iPod into much more than a simple music player. You’ll have the ability to turn your iPod into an information repository.
>> MediaMonkey
MediaMonkey is an easy-to-use organizer for serious music collectors.
It catalogs your CDs, MP3, WMA, and OGG audio tracks, and looks up and intelligently tags and renames/reorganizes them.
MediaMonkey rips CDs, converts audio file formats, and easily creates mixes. It integrates with Nero for CD Burning, and with Winamp for playback.
>> Plato Video to iPod Converter
application converts various video file formats to MP4 for iPod,
supports almost all digital video files (AVI, MPG, MPEG, ASF, WMV, MOV,
3GP, SWF) into an iPod-ready format. It features hardware auto-detect:
Automatically detect your hardware and decide the best converting speed.
>> SuperAV Converter
It works flawlessly, converting both audio and video files from almost any format imaginable into almost any format imaginable.
SuperAVConverter is an all-in-one, multimedia
converter. You can rip CD tracks to WAV, MP3, WMA, and OGG files, and
convert audio and video files. Supported audio formats include WAV,
MP3, OGG, WMA, APE, AAC, AC3, and RMA.
>> iPodSync
is a tool to keep your Microsoft Outlook calendar contacts, tasks, and
notes synchronized between your PC and your iPod. iPodSync also syncs
weather forecasts and news from the Web. iPodSync turns your iPod into
a PDA. You specify what information you want to sync and iPodSync does the rest.
[from helpero.com]

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