Picture 3-9I know this debate has been already battled on many other blogs out there. My point is not to beat a dead horse but rather to give my perspective.
First of all. We are a fickle bunch. Christians that is. Actually my generation of Christians. We tend be like the “Anti” generation. A generation labeled more with what we are NOT than what we are. I often look at my father and his homies and think…”Well at least they stand for something and KNOW who they are”. We on the other hand feel it important to reinvent everything that has already been invented. Hence statements like…
“We Don’t do Sunday School”
“This is Not your grandma’s church”
“We Don’t do alter calls”
“We Don’t play hymns”
“We Don’t wear ties”
“We Don’t lead with a piano”

The first point leads to the second. In our antiness, is that a word?, we begin to offer criticism more than solution. Hence the BuyLessCrap campaign.
I know. I know. The solution is just to give directly to the Global Fund without the middle man. Right?

My take…
In our sprint to point out the wrong with the (RED) campaign we have not paused to see the truth in all of this.
People are more aware of the crisis of AIDS in Africa. Money is going to AIDS in Africa.
Much of the battle is being waged on needing to “Purchase” something in order to give. One question. When was the last time I gave anything to AIDS in Africa? Um. Never. So this makes me lame. Sure. But it makes 99% of America lame too. A bunch of money addicted people (like myself) who will NEVER give to anything. But along comes (RED) and we buy a shirt and get to support something great. Now this shirt has led me to give directly to the Global Fund because it has made me AWARE. Did you hear that? A red iPod/shirt/cell phone made me AWARE and led to me giving more.

America will not turn from their money addicted ways without a PUSH.
And quite simply, Bono is PUSHing.
You can’t expect a smoker to quit cold turkey.
So why are we expecting a society to quit their addiction cold turkey and just GIVE 30 bucks to a fund they did not know existed until a rock star told them so?
One step at a time.