First of all. SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG. It is much easier to read. I promise. That way when I have blog bingeing days like yesterday, you will no longer have to stop by here FIVE times a day to see what’s up. You can just refresh your RSS reader and *poof*, There I am.
If you have a Mac, I recommend the following reader. Net News Wire Lite – free
If you have a PC, sorry. Secondly, Use Bloglines, Google Reader, or News Gator.
These will make your lives so much easier. Do I have any seconds?
Here is what mine looks like…
Picture 1-36

OK. Notice to the right. The Top 2 have been getting busy and multiplied again to 5.
Tony – Welcome to the top.
Scott – Welcome back man.
Ben – I like watching your journey. I REMEMBER!!!!

OK. I have Gotten RID of all blogs that have not been updated in 3 months or longer. I want my link lists to actually be usable so I had to drop the hammer. If your blog has disappeared from my link lists, blog, you’ll reappear.
So. In lieu of that massive change, some blogs have also moved around a bit.

The Favorite Blogs link list has a subtitle now. Yes. These are my daily reads. And I do read them all. RSS makes this happen in less than 15 minutes. SUBSCRIBE
The Sandals Blogs have now been cleaned up. It is filled with only active Sandals bloggers. I do subscribe to ALL of these.
The Link Love link list has also been cleaned up. All non linking haters (jk) have been deleted. It is called LINK LOVE right?

Picture 2-26
This all took WAY too long to do. I’m tired.

What RSS readers do you guys use?
Who needs help with the whole RSS thing?
Who is going to start a blog TODAY?
Did I Leave You Out?