Anne Los
It happened. I don’t know how. But the gods must have been smiling down upon me. Schedules opened, Coffee rained down, conversation was had. Anne Jackson is a real human being. Complete with wit, humor, and spunk. She does not just write that way. She pulls it off in real life too.
So yes. Tuesday I was able to hang with Mrs. Flowerdust herself. We talked church, blogging, church, and more church.
So yes. One more thing. Nah Nah Nee Boo Boo. I know your jealous.

On another note. I am still constantly amazed at this blogging thing. Real relationships coming off from mice and keyboards.
I have met dozens of you face to face and am pumped at the real relationships that form.
Who here has met another blogger face to face after reading their blogs for some time?
Who wants to meet Flowerdust? I have her cell number.
Oh. And one more thing. Notice the shirts…Freedom and Truth. Nice.