Sarah D and I were rewriting 2 old gospel songs we are singing at one of our dearest friends funerals tomorrow.
Grandpa Jack.
The man was a saint.
He basically was the ROCK at Sandals Church for the first 5 years. What a man.

But he left me little choice when he willed Sarah D and I to sing…
Oh How Much He Cares For Me, and When He Was On the Cross (I was on His mind)
The version he left was the Jesse Dixon – Gaither Homecoming version.
Take one look at Jesse and tell me if I was going to be able to pull that one off…
Picture 3-18

So. Needless to say Sarah D. and I did the best rewrite of those classics we could. And dare I say we did really well. I look forward to reflecting on Jacks life through the songs tomorrow.

Here was my favorite part of the process this evening. As we were finishing the rewrite of Oh How Much He Cares For Me, I look to my left and Sohaila is standing there bright eyed and silent. In her hands she had her toy accordion.
She had seen me and Sarah practicing and thought to her 4 year old self, “But of’course!. They need my accordion skills.” So up the staris she went. Without a moments hesitation she came back down with her instrument. She played the ENTIRE time Sarah and I practiced with the focus in her eyes of a World Series pitcher.
If she only knew the gift she was giving Grandpa Jack in that moment.
[audio:sohailaplays.mp3] Play Sohaila. Play.