So someone got on here the other day and tore me a new one…

You Christians seem so obsessed with your Christian Celebrity blogging culture that itโ€™s pretty pathetic.

OK. Point taken. Yes. I am obsessed with looking HARD to find people out there who are willing to share what they have learned the last few years in their ministry. I am obsessed with building relationships with people who can help me see more people come to Christ.
And here are a few of my newest obsessions…

Picture 10-4
Eric Bryant is the navigator overseeing the leadership team at Mosaic Church in Los Angeles. We initially got together over the small production I made, ๐Ÿ˜‰ and have actually become buddies. Did I say buddies? I meant homies. Go give him a shout out and read his stuff. Great stuff from a great leader.

Picture 11-1
Tony Morgan has been pimped a few times here on the blog. I found him on the Simply Strategic Podcast and have been stalking his thoughts for about a year now. From New Spring Church. He really uses his blog well.

Picture 12-3
Tim Stevens is the other half of the Simply Strategic Show. He is a relatively new blogger which means one thing. Lots of posts about how and why he administrates the way he does. From Granger Community Church. Sweet stuff.

Picture 13-1
Tyler Reagan is the MAN at North Point Community Church’s Browns Bridge Community Church. Say that 5 times fast. I don’t know his offical title. Like Producer of Phat Services or something. I have the pleasure of calling him a friend. He does some amazing stuff. He reluctantly started a blog. Go make him post his mind. He has lots in it.

OK. That is my list.
Time to share. Speak up.
Who are you reading that we all need to know about?