[photo credits: SNAP] One thing my dad taught me is to NEVER stop learning. So I don’t.
I’m no longer “twenty something”.
I’m too old to go to a Passion event.
I have 3 kids.
I don’t get carded.
So what better time than now to learn to wiggity whack?
Since the REMIX series started here @ Sandals I have been enamored by the DJ’s and what they do. Most impressively, DJ Red Beef. His vinyl skills are awesome.
So me being me, decided that this would be my newest endeavor. If you know me then you only rolled your eyes when I showed up a few weeks later with 2 turntables and a microphone. Yup. I practiced my arse off so I could spin live in front of the church. And well. I would have to say I did myself proud. Last Sunday I took the stage and put a little 5 minute set on. The needle was shaking in my hand, sweat was dripping as each song would draw to an end, but when I would match the beats and slide the fader, the feeling was amazing. I even keep throwing a little Justin throughout each song for added effect. It was awesome. I now throw dance parties for my kids every night. I love it.
My setup was as follows…
2 Stanton T.60’s with direct drive motors
Stanton M.202 mixer
Serato Scratch Live
Serato Scratch Live Interface
2 Serato Scratch Live Vinyls
MacBook Pro

Scratch Live is a program that Allows me to play MY ENTIRE iTUNES LIBRARY on these 2 records. So suddenly every mp3 and aiff I own is on vinyl. Amazing. Simply amazing.
I decided to go the vinyl direction because it just felt right. I am more of an old school guy. And the vinyls did not fail me. I did have one needle skip when Daniel came up to take these pics. That was the only skip in the set.
Here is my 7 pm set. I recorded it in Logic Express while I spun.
[audio:Sunday Morning.mp3]

So. If you are still reading even though most of you could care less, what entirely new thing have you taken on this year or are going to conquer before the year is over. And I’m not talking about reading and running.
Challenge yourselves. Never Grow Old.