OK. So I think this is an outstanding idea. Maybe I will start the anonymous worship pastor blog. Crap. I just gave it away. Now it won’t work. So. Instead I will just enjoy this one. It is written extremely well and gives Starbucks heads like me a nice peek into the life on the other side of the bar. I mean, I do have like 5 friends who work on the other side, but they don’t spill all the gossip like I am sure to read on this blog. So go check it out. The Barista Blog – Life Behind the Bar. And yes. I do know the identity of this blogger. But if I told you, they would take my first born.
Yet after tonight. that might not be such a bad idea.
So if you could write an anonymous blog, what would it be?
The Fake Cell Phone Talker Blog – What I Am Really Listening To Is YOU.
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