Photo 497Following lunch as I curl up on the sofa and start fading…

Heather – “Babe. Do you really want to fall asleep?”
Carlos – “Uh, yea?”
Heather – “But babe. Every week you wake up and say you wish you had not slept because you feel horrible after your nap.”
Carlos – “Yea. But today I REALLY NEED a nap.”
Heather – “That’s what you say every week”

2 hours later…

Carlos – “Babe. Why did you let me sleep so long?”
Heather – “I’m not in charge of you”
Carlos – “Next week. I really don’t need top take a nap. I always feel horrible when I wake up. Can you remind me of this conversation? OK?”
Heather – “Sure babe. Sure.

I need nap help. And don;t tell me to take a 15 minute nap. That sounds like chewing glass.
I’m addicted yet not good at them.
Who feels good after these?
Who feels like @#!#$?