Tomorrow morning someone is going to walk into Sandals Church and your church, for the first time in months, years, ever.
You will see all your friends next week. They will be there. I promise. So be a jerk and tell them you can’t talk with them. You will call them Monday.
Tomorrow. Spend not one second more with people who already get it. Already are going there. Desperately seek out those who won’t be back next week unless you ask them to come back. Because one thing I’m sure of.
There will be someone who walks in and out of every one of our churches and will never return again. Ever. We only have so much time. We only have a moment.
You can play the best set.
You can nail the sermon like there’s no tomorrow.
You can play the hippest videos.
But unless you TOUCH them, they won’t come back.
So hurt someone’s feelings that you love tomorrow by telling them to call you Monday.
We have work to do.