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I have seen lots of messages from churches in the midst of crisis.
I have lots of “blog friends” who have been on staff or are currently on staff at Westside Family Church in Lenexa, KS.
They are in Crisis.
Dan Sutherland had to bring the news to the church. You can actually hear the gasp in the room when he let the church know. His message following is one ALL church pastors and members need to hear.
I urge you to listen to the firmness and delicacy in which Dan delivered this message.
I know Dan personally and keep being amazed at the gift God has given him to communicate truth in a way that all can hear it. Even pissed off/devastated/confused people who just found out their senior pastor and business administrator have admitted to an adulteress relationship.

“If all it takes for you to quit following God, is for the man of God to fall, then you’re not really following God are you?”
“We are going to rally to these two families.”
“The mess in the messenger does not negate the message”

Watch the message here.
The pray here

Now go examine your own life.
Mine is a mess.
Thank God for grace.