Photo 525I read it cover to cover. I do. From the most thought out, well written articles to the obvious last second fillers. And I look forward to every issue. I listen to the almost unlistenable podcast. Which I might add keeps me listening. Weird I know. But I love it. And at the end of my relevant day, reading my relevant rag, working my relevant job, why do I feel more irrelevant than I did the day before?
Then it hit me. Because of my age, because of my place in life, because of my *cool church*, I feel like I am more “relevant” than those around me. Almost to a fault. I get all cocky and crap. And that is not relevant at all. That is pretty arrogant.
Behind all the paisley art work, all the grunge font, all the ads for social justice, all the indie too cool for me music, lies a reader who hides behind slogans of “relevancy” in search of true identity.
What the hell did I just type? I just reread it and it only makes a little sense. Let me piece it together a bit more.
We need to be careful. Just walk a bit lighter. Because sometimes we can come off a bit pretentious. I mean honestly. When my daughter is 18(she is 3) and reading her cool Christian rag of the moment, she will remember me sitting in my Diesel jeans, typing on my Macbook Pro, in the corner of some indie coffee shop, thinking there is not much relevance to me. I mean what are they going to call their magazine? More Relevant?
So. In the mess of this post, in the mess of my mind, I can find a few solid things.
1. Relevant is a good magazine.
2. Reading Relevant does not make one relevant.
3. We are probably a lot less relevant that we care to know.
4. I am going to Godaddy right now and buying

Now I’m off to listen to some K-OS while I smoke my hookah.
What defines Relevance?

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