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Well not me. Really. I guess I do. But this is for my friend Anne.
Don’t let me down Ragamuffins.
This is from the dirty flowers blog

i know a lot of people reading this work at a church, and most of you go to a church somewhere. so, i ask for you to help me out.

i work in the communications department at lake pointe, and i am doing a little research. i would LOVE for as many of you as possible to send me your worship guide/bulletins/whatever-you-call them. and if you have a newsletter or something, feel free to throw that in too. you might think yours rocks. you may think it sucks. i don’t care. please just send me one! i’ll send you something cool back…as an incentive. i dont know what that looks like yet…but…it will be cool.

please drop me a note below to let me know you’ll be sending something, so i can keep an eye out for it. as far as where to send it:

anne jackson
c/o lake pointe church
701 interstate 30
rockwall, tx 75087

(and for you internet stalkers out there, there’s no way you would ever find my office…it’s hidden…so don’t even try).

by the way…there are those with whom i work who don’t think anything good comes out of blogging…and i would love to show them otherwise…how hundreds of people (no pressure) can flood my inbox here with their church’s printed goods!!

thank you so much!

So go help her out. I am.

And let her know I sent you and you will get 15% off her next book.