So if you have not been by Heather’s blog recently, you might not have seen this pic.
Yes. We sheared that boys head like a sheep in the summer.
His hair was struggling. It was all long on the sides and blotchy on the top.
So after a day of posting in “mommy forums” asking if they thought it was OK to shave my baby’s head and them responding with…”Are you @#!$! crazy!?!?”, or “I’ll call CPS if you do it”, or “How dare you mess with HIS hair!!!”. We decided…OK. Let’s do it.
So into the shower the family went. Yes. All 5 of us. And we had a little Shave the Baby party.
I have to admit, I like his new look.
It reminds me of someone very handsome.
So although it is customary in some parts of Korea to shave a baby’s head at 100 days…we figured since we were not around then…well, why not.
Now go watch The Golden Child and have a riot.

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