So you might have noticed that the blogging has been sparse around here the last 24 hours or so. For me that means I have not blogged 5 times a day.
Lets start yesterday…
After going to lunch with J-Rocka I felt a swollen lump near my elbow. It hurt and was tender to the touch. Knowing me as many of you do, that is all it took for me to start planning my funeral. Worry is my core sin.
So I immediately did what I knew I should not do and went home to self diagnose myself online. I was seriously stressed out last night and was no fun at all to be around. So Heather let me have it and I deserved it. She has no issues with worry at all. I think the quote was…”We are all dying, so stop worrying about it”.

After some research I realized that it was a lymph node that was swollen up. On the same side as my nasty finger. It all began making sense.
So this morning I made an appointment with my Primary Care Physician at Kaiser. I love him. He told me that he thought the infection from my finger was to blame and so he prescribed me some antibiotics. He said the lymph should go down after a bit and all should be fine. Keep an eye on it and call him in 2 weeks.

I go pick up my prescription…
Take one 500 MG capsule of which I am supposed to take 4 a day…
Go back into the office…
15 minutes later…
Yea. Can you say allergic reaction?
Um. I definitely can now.
Yea. These pics were taken at Urgent Care.

After seeing the doc and him saying…”Yup, You are allergic to that.” and me saying…”Yup I am”…
Nurse Bonnie arrived with this…
Img00652 2
Bend over and pull down your britches…
Then I made her smile for the Blackberry.

So I picked up another antibiotic for the infection to my finger and node.
I’m still worried but I will try and not focus on it.
The face looks better already.
Photo 559

So there you have it. I’m tanked.
I appreciate your prayers.