Campus returns to normal after Sunday morning bomb threat prompts
quick response

A bomb threat was received at California Baptist University in Riverside on
Sunday morning, April 22, 2007. CBU Public Safety officials and Riverside Police
conducted a search of campus facilities and students and others were allowed
back into the buildings after no explosive devices were found.

“We are not aware of any reason that CBU would be a target,” said Dr. Ronald L.
Ellis, president of CBU. Ellis arrived on campus within minutes after the threat
was received.
He added that given the events of the past few days, following the campus
shootings at Virginia Tech, officials decided to take the threat seriously while
considering the possibility of copycats and hoaxes. Campus threats forced
lockdowns and evacuations at universities, high schools and middle schools in at
least 10 states on Wednesday.
California Baptist University’s Public Safety office received a telephone threat at
9:35 a.m. from an anonymous caller who said “There’s a bomb on campus” twice
before hanging up.

The call was reported immediately to local police and to University
administrators. Vice President for Student Services Kent Dacus was on campus
within minutes. Riverside Police units were on campus within seven (7) minutes
after the threat was received.

The buildings that were occupied were searched first. Administrators and police
moved students to central locations such as Harden Square and Stamps
Courtyard, and conducted searches which turned up no suspicious devices.
Officials searched the Van Dyne Gym where Sandals Church holds two services
on Sunday morning. Also searched was the Alumni Dining Commons, scene of
weekly Sunday morning brunches. Nothing suspicious was found in either
location. The remainder of the buildings on campus were swept and cleared as