Um. Wow.

Orange County Church Reviews and Guide is a website that provides assistance to people who are seeking a church. Often it can be difficult to find a church home, whether you’ve just become a Christian or are moving into the area. Our prayer is that this site will be a tool you can use to find your next church home.

How we Rank: Our primary concern is determining what a Church believes. Do they hold scripture as true? Do they preach from God’s word so that they are providing the counsel of God’s word and applying it to the believers life? This is the primary concern. Next is examining their interpretation of Scripture. Are they trying to make scripture say what they want it to and interpreting it by their feelings or do they recognize we need to change when we contradict what God has commanded.

5-Star Churches: These are the best churches and are the ones we recommend people attend.
4-Star Churches: These are good churches that are recommended, there may be a lack of knowledge to be convinced of the highest ranking or small concerns that are not foundational.
3-Star Churches: These churches are good but are missing key beliefs, interpretations or theological convictions that impact the life of the believer.
2-Star Churches: These churches are Christian but either teach things contradictory to scripture or it is unknown what they believe.
1-Star Churches: Churches that claim to be Christian, use the Bible but have serious errors in their belief to the point of rejecting Jesus’ teachings.
0-Star Churches: Cults that use the word Church.

5 Stars (Highly Recommended)
Abudant Life Community (Pasadena)
Corona Evangelical Free Church
Grace Community Church
Mars Hill Church (Seattle, WA) (Editor’s Pick)
Portico (Editor’s Pick)

4 Stars (Recommended)
Grace Brethren Church
St. Andrews Presbyterian
Whittier Hills Baptist Church

3 Stars
First Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton
Hope Chapel
Plaza Bible Church
Rock Harbor
Saint James Episcopal

2 Stars (Not Recommended)
The Crossing
The First United Methodist Church of Costa Mesa
Holy Family Cathedral
Mosaic (L.A.)

1 Star (Avoid)
Crystal Cathedral
Newsong Church

0 Stars (WARNING: Cult)
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Newport Beach
The Los Angeles Church of Christ – Orange County Region
Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church

This guy is pretty whack. I am fairly certain that if he visited Sandals, we would end up being in the “cult” group.