I was digging around in my trunk this morning looking for a capo I thought I saw a few months back and ran across something horrible. Truly disturbing. It took me a while to figure out what it was. It was a sort of sticky, yellow, gooey mess of a puddle. This glob of yellow was resting comfortably in the tiny crevice meant for the jack that my Camry is supposed to be carrying around. Not only was there no jack in that spot, but there was also a small stack of unsold Authenticity CD’s. Laughing at me every time I opened the trunk. They stare me down every time I open it. So I thought…”Screw you CD’s. I’m going to put you under the spare tire so you never bother me again.”
As I moved the CDs, I felt a stickiness that the shrink wrap could not produce. Like stickier than shrink wrap stickiness. As I lifted the last CD there it was. A dead Peep. All that was left was the head. The rest of the body had melted into the shape of the bottom of the jack hole. Can I say that?
I don’t know why I found this so disturbing. I know that the peep had more than likely been there for about a year. I mean I just bought a new box of those cute little bunnies for my kids. It looked so sad. So lonely. So melted.
So you know what I did? I threw a dirty sock on it. I scraped that puppy right out of the jack hole. I walked over to the trash can and tossed the peep in along with my sock.
So now I am missing one sock.
And I am also missing one peep.
But the jack hole is now clean.

I surely hope that all the people get from Sandals this year is not a message, music, and a bulletin. Because I have a feeling, that might just end up in everyones jack holes.
They need Jesus. Not cool songs, messages, and bulletins.
Let’s not just give peeps.