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I have not done ANYTHING 1000 times. Like never. I don’t think I have taken 1000 breaths in my life.
So in honor of my commitment to this thing called Blogging, I will place a long overdue video up on this blog. I know this has graced the pages of thousands of other blogs out there, but somehow missed this one. My stomach will not recover from the laughter this poor news anchor sacrificially gave her air for.

Reasons why it is OK to laugh at the poor news anchor lady…
1. Her feet are as pasty as the south has to offer.
2. “Stop…(Stomping quickly with a silly smirk) Oh…Oh…Oh!!!”
3. “Ugh Ugh Ugh Ow Ow Ow Ow Oh Oh OOOOHHHHHH I can’t breathe”
4. African American studio personality…”Oh Dear?”
5. Her camera man did NOTHING but kept it rolling.
6. She got cocky with her grape stomping right before she ate it. You know what they say?
Pride comes before the fall…

Tell me you laughed out loud.
1000 baby.