In a text message Matt wrote to me:
“Remember, you are the greatest songwriter of all time”.

Well, of course, I don’t believe that. I tend to believe that everyone’s stuff is better than mine. Matt doesn’t believe that either, but he’s an encourager so he says stuff like that. He’s good to have around when you’re writing because his enthusiasm keeps you moving forward past the moments of self doubt which paralyze and prevent originality. He has saved me from throwing away a #1 single. Everyone should have a Matt in their creative circle.

Or you could just have syphilis.

One of the symptoms of late stage syphilis is delusions of grandeur. Deborah Hayden asserts that it’s quite possible that many of our great works of art were created by people with syphilis, including Beethoven. Some of the greatest art in the world was created by people who believed they were qualified to do so. Would my art be so timid and tepid if I truly believed that I was the greatest songwriter in the world? How much am I being held back by my beliefs that I am the least deserving songwriter on the planet? How much more creative would we be?

Today’s exercise: Pretend you have syphillis. How would you create if you knew you were the greatest artist in the world?

[From: MaxWax] Los