So at church yesterday I had like 7 people I have never met come up to me and say…”Dude, I’m totally with you on the preschool dad thing…”
Besides wanting that post to never have happened, it was cool some blog lurkers outed themselves in public yesterday. Well not “Outed” themselves really. You know what I mean.

So time to step out of the closet people. (Dangit. There I go again) I know there are new people around here. Maybe some long time listeners, first time callers.
Who are you 1000 a day visitors that stop by. I would like to digitally shake your hands.
So lets play a game…
Your name, your location, your favorite TV show you are currently watching.

I’ll go first.
Riverside, CA
Oprah (Don’t hate the playa…Hate the wife’s TIVO)

Your turn…Everybody play. Even you old school Ragamuffin Soulers. And you RSS folks too.