So I am about to embark on Beth Moore’s Breaking Free study with my wife. Instead of paying 3 dollars on Amazon I needed my instant gratification so I cruised down to our local “Christian Book Store” (see I’m learning…no names) to pick up a copy of the study.
I almost forgot what that experience felt like.
I had not walked into “the store” in over a year.
I immediately felt a myriad of emotions flow over me.
These strange emotions were followed by a bunch of questions.

  1. Why do all “Christian” Book Stores smell different than “Secular” book stores?
  2. Why must all Christian book stores use baby blue as their primary color of choice?
  3. Do churches still use puppets?
  4. Why is there more “Christian ART” in the stores than books?
  5. Do people actually buy those 500 dollar pictures of Jesus holding the dude with a needle?
  6. Don’t the people who work there need to act happy to be there? They do at Borders.
  7. Why do they sell Precious Moments figurines but not Relevant Magazine?
  8. Why do Christian book stores all have those walls with lines in them? Filled with baby blue?
  9. What happens if the guy misspells your name on your bible?
  10. The smell? What is that smell?

Just my head.