Men. When you take your jeans off and do not pick them up off the bathroom floor for 12 hours, you should not be mad at your wife for washing them.
At least she is washing your clothes right?
I mean, I should have taken the phone out of the pocket. I should have.
Blackberry Pearl + Maytag spin cycle = Wait for the iPhone to come out and suffer for 4 weeks.
Photo 52
My Pearl is dead. I have been phoneless for 6 days. I love it. But alas I must give in to the laws of technology addiction and get a replacement for a few weeks. I’m not looking for another Blackberry. I just need a phone.
So I ask. Does anyone out there have a Cingular phone they are not using? Just collecting dust in the dash of your pickup?
email me and let me know.
Thanks peeps.