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I have seen Virb around for a while. And seeing how much I hate myspace I never even gave it a shot. That was until tonight got swallowed up by 3 hours of playing around on it. The customization is legit. It is an all in one social networking site that looks like the guys up in Cupertino designed it.
Wow. It puts myspace to shame.
I am now a true fan. Come create a free profile and see for yourself.
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And join the Sandals Church Virb group here
And join the Ragamuffin Soulcast Listener Virb group here

Here is a snippet from Mashable.com…

In short, Virb is what MySpace would be like if it actually worked: a nice design, simple and intuitive navigation and just as much (perhaps even more) customization – not only can you edit all your profile’s colors and fonts in the basic view, but advanced users can edit the css and html, as well as building custom modules (basically snippets of html that make it easier to organize the various items on your page). There’s photo sharing too, of course, plus video-sharing, tagging, groups, comments, messaging and all the other standard features. Coming from the makers of PureVolume, there’s also a strong musical element: a download called Virbtunes works like MOG or Last.fm, tracking the music you listen to in iTunes and making recommendations. And just like on MySpace, bands also have special pages from which you can grab tracks to populate a player on your own profile.

Do you virb?
Let us know.