I know lots of people who put the church before their family. I’m not one of them. I think it is supposed to go…God…Family…Church. Or something like that. When I read that, I realize that I am REALLY screwed up. Because I probably put my family before God on a daily basis. Not that this is right mind you. Just truth. God is so invisible to me most days, and my family is SO VISIBLE. So I beat myself over the head, day in and day out, because I am such a blind pastor.
Then I get a moment of clarity.
The love that beats in my chest for my family can only come from one place. My Lord. And in loving them, I am loving Him. And in serving them, I am serving Him. And in kissing them, I am kissing Him. And in beating them…anyways.
God leaps from the pages of His Word and takes form in the child like faith I see in my children. God leaps from His Word and takes form in the sacrificial love I see from my wife.
God is so intermingled in the yoke of my familia that there is barely room for seperation. Yes I can talk to Him alone. And I do. But why, when I can see Him so clearly when I get home from work and Sohaila and Seanna sprint towards me with a love I will never comprehend?
So yea. I guess I do put God first.
But I need help from 4 people to pull it off.

I am beginning a 21 Day journey on the deeper meaning of family, fatherhood, and faith. I will share my journey here.
Daley Hake spent this evening with the Whittaker’s and took some amazing photographs.
His work will be the backdrop to my writing.


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