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At one point he was just an idea. You know. The one most of you have had. We had it too. The romantic idea of saving some kid from the torment of a life unloved, filling them with the well of love we have. The only problem with that is that I get that “romantic idea” every time I watch Oprah, everytime I send in my check to Compassion, every time I watch Idol Gives Back on my TIVO. The one where I want to go out and save the world. It was all about helping him. Loving him. Saving him. Rescuing him. Fulfilling my role of social justice that all the Relevant rag readers have. What a load of crap.

I seriously thought I was doing him some sort of favor. I had been led to believe that I was the one doing something. That I had been the one sacrificing for the sake of this poor little orphan. I could not have been further from the truth.

I have had him for 6 months as of today. Better put, He has had me for 6 months as of today. And in 6 months…he has helped me, loved me, saved me, and rescued me.
Rescued from what you might ask?

From me.

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