[Photo – Daley Hake]

There is something mystical about having a son. A son that you know will end up acting like you. A son that you know will end up looking like you. A son that you know will end up womanizing like you. All this changed for me when I landed in Seoul. As I looked around there was No One that looked like me. No One acted like me. No One was womanizing like I would. I had to rethink my ideals.

Maybe we would keep his Korean name. Maybe we should invite all our Korean friends over every weekend to keep him from getting confused. Then I met this kid. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I swore he looked like me. He laughed like me. He womanized his new mommy like me. But how?

Oh yea. I remembered. I believed in this man called GOD. Just maybe He knew which kid would align with my heart. Just maybe He knew which kid would let his sisters drag him around like a muppet. Maybe he knew that Losiah would end up with a head as large as mine. Just maybe God has His hand in ALL of this and our fate wasn’t just left up to the adoption agency to match us with a child. Maybe God knew 14 months ago to give him a foster mother who would treat him like my wife does. Maybe all this was planned out already.

Look. I’m not trying to get all Calvin up on yo mug. But it is UNBELIEVABLE how “Whittaker” this kid is. Then I remembered again. He was a Whittaker when he was born.

God just hadn’t told us yet.

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