OK. I know you are all wonderring what has happened to Anne Jackson. Her blog was down for 24 hours.
Through extensive research I have gotten to the bottom of it.
Here is the timeline of events…
May 30th 7 pm. – I went to Flowerdust.net to submit a sarcastic remark to some post she had written.
May 30th 7:15 pm – Still loading…
May 30th 7:30 pm –
Picture 1-52
May 30th 7:31 pm – Chaos in my mind.
May 31st 8 am –
Picture 1-51
May 31st 8:01 am – Started scouring the blogs to see if anyone knew what had happened to her.
May 31st 1 pm –
Picture 1-53
May 31st 1:09 pm – Text Anne…”Can you fix your blog before I shoot somebody”
May 31st 1:10 pm – Recieve call from the Dirty Flower herself.

She told me I could share this. Everything is OK. She has just been thinking long and hard about this whole blog thing.
Apparently, Sunday night, she was approached by a man and a woman in the lobby of her church. They handed her a briefcase and a envelope. They told her not to open it for 5 minutes. Well of’course Anne was freaking out. She could not find Chris and soon just ran to her office and stared at the briefcase. She normally would not have thought twice about the strange encounter seeing that she lives in Texas now, but this was weird. On the envelope was written in cursive…”Mrs. Flowerdust”
She decided to open the briefcase before the envelope. She didn’t know why, she just did.
Inside was a dead gerber daisy with sawdust all over it.
She immediately closed the briefcase and opened the envelope…

Right when she was getting to this part of the story I heard the door slam behind her and she hung up.

I think it was the blogerazzi.
They got to her.