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Um. Hmmm. OK. how can I type this and not get in trouble? Ummm. OK.
Look. I ain’t clownin’ the tongues. But the CEO of Holy Ghost Tees must be ROLLIN’ with a whopping 46 bucks a tee.
Yes. You heard me right. For only 46 dollars, YOU, faithful Ragamuffin reader, can own these iron on tees.
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From the website…
Inspired by family this cool phrase captures a connection between Love & Security.

The joy of this phrase is dedicated to those classic Saints who are on their way home. They’ve fought a good fight and kept the faith. Now they can receive a great reward.

A distinctive phrase wrapped in a smooth flow. When heard, it’s a preview that something exciting is about to happen.

Best known for its wide exposure and Pentecostal Flava by “HolyRollers”. Kids and adults can find an inner connection to this popular phrase and its charm.

I wasn’t there when Paul preached and it happened. But I am sure this is not what he meant. 🙂