Technorati is a great tool for seeing who is linking to you and what not. I check it daily to see where the new links are coming in from and have met many of you “non commenting” lurkers through this tool. The cool thing about Technorati is that it only gives you credit for the last 6 months of links. Therefore if your blog was read by many last year and only a few this year you will know it or vice versa. So go sign up. It is free and a great blogging tool.
I am always on my quest to catch my blog father and many of your blog grandfather, Randy Elrod. He has passed the 300 mark and I am close behind.
In an effort to continue my stat hoeness and catch the old man would you please consider linking here if you by chance have a blog and visit every so often?
I have a reciprocal link list and would gladly return the favor
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Links are Love and Love is Los

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