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My buddy over at Mosaic, Eric Bryant, just sent me a copy of his new book Peppermint Filled Pinatas. I am about to throw it down.
There is a great interview on Alex McManus’ Podcast featuring Eric and discussions on the book. Check it out below.
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Eric is the “Navigator” at Mosaic. That basically means he is the guy driving the ship. It all flows through him. He has LOTS of important stuff to say. Look for a review of the book by the weekend.
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We live in a diverse world filled with unprecedented opportunity. There is a call to move past the barriers that stand between us and those who may be different. Eric Michael Bryant has seen tolerance shown to those who are different than us — racially, religiously, sexually, politically, economically — and believes there must be more. After all, Jesus didn’t just tolerate people; he embraced them all with love.

Using lighthearted humor, engaging personal stories, and a “party theology,” Bryant shows us how to love our neighbors and fulfill the vision Jesus had for the church from the beginning.

Whether that is through building relationships with the help of bounce houses, stand up comedy, or piñatas, followers of Christ will be inspired to actively engage the world around them.

Stuffin’ My Pinatas.