Picture 2-37If you are anything like me you hate checking your voice mail. I look at my little blackberry screen and see the teeenie tiiiiiny little envelope in the left hand corner showing 13 new messages and my heart begins palpitating. There is something about knowing that I am about to dial my voicemail and listen to people stumble over their thoughts for 15 minutes that drives me mad.
No more my dear.
Introducing SpinVox. This FREE service takes your annoying little voicemail and converts it to text, verbatim. Then it emails or SMS’s you in like a minute. Seriously.
Here is what the email looks like…

You received a new voicemail from +19519079###:

Hey what’s up man. This is Isaac. Just called to find out if your still on for tonight if your coming. We are meeting at the gym at 6:00 for dinner. Heading down on to the boarder & from there we’re going down to the indoor park track. We actually got pushed back 15, 20 mins. We’re still going to be at the go-kart track; we’re just going to be there at 8:15, 8:20 instead of 8:00. Give me a call as soon as you can so I can know if I need to hold a spot open for you or if when we get there, I need to pay for who’s with me. Give me a call back though, 1951####___.
– Powered by SpinVox.

Message received at May 19, 2007 11:26:06 PM

If you wish to listen to this message, call your voicemail on +468 and press *14

For assistance, see www.spinvox.com or email service@spinvox.com

Thank you,

So there you have it. This thing works brilliantly.
I am never answering my phone again.
You’re welcome.

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