PRD turned me on to this…
From Ben’s Blog

I browse through 100 blogs a day. I subscribe to 51. That means that when I read your blog I forget about it. It’s your fault. You haven’t proved to me that you’re providing valuable content on a regular basis.Making the front page of Digg is great for your page views but how often does it provide a significant jump in the number of people subscribing to your blog? Making the front page of these social news sites is worthless if you don’t have a way to show new visitors what your best content is.
The reasons I ignore most blogs are:

* It’s hard for me to find your best posts. I came to your blog because you wrote something interesting and someone linked to it. Prove to me you have done it before and I’m more likely to come back. Put a related posts plugin on your single post pages so that when someone clicks through they can say “Oh look, this guy wrote about the same topic a few times…maybe I should read those posts too.”
* The only way to browse your blog is by date and category. This goes back to the first reason. You know what your best posts are…list them! I want to see the best content a blog has to offer the first time I visit it. Make it easy for people to find the best posts you’ve ever written.
* Your sidebar is full of “junk.” Widgets are nice. Not all widgets are nice. Stop adding every widget under the sun to your sidebar – the more you add the less useful they become.
* Your design looks like everyone elses. Not everyone is a great designer, but at least put some effort into customizing your blog if you want to be taken seriously. You don’t have to do anything really fancy, but simply activating a new theme is not “customizing” your blog.
* Your more worried about traffic than content. Traffic follows good content. Stop writing posts in an effort to make the front page of Digg. It’s obvious to everyone what you’re doing.

I’m going to apply some of these. You?