You want to get an iPhone but you’re stuck in a contract, here’s six ways to escape your service plan without paying a $175 early termination fee:


1. Sell your cellphone contract.
2. Complain that service isn’t up to par, file complaints with PUC, FTC, BBB, AG and cc them to the company.
3. Wait for the company to change its rates (like text-messaging),
then call to cancel based on the material change of contract. These are
usually for the default rates and you won’t be able to cancel if you
have a package that takes care of it… hint: so get rid of the package
and call back…. Here’s some recent rate changes and cancellation
success stories:
US Cellular
4. Move to an area outside the plan’s coverage area.
5. Join the armed forces – you’ll need to fax in a copy of your orders.
6. Die
– someone will need to fax in your death certificate on your behalf.
You’ll be dead, but at least you’re in heaven. iPhone heaven.

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I actually might not be out of the valley in time. Patrick…help me out man.