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Well it was only a matter of time young blog friends. Randy has crumbled under the pressure of my youth. I am sure he will mount a valiant response, but alas, I have beat my Blog Father to the 10,000 club. He taught me all I know and then some. Now the race to be in the top 9000 blogs in the world. But there is still hope.
You see in less than 8 weeks, The Blog Father and I will ascend the highest peak in the continental USA. Mt. Whitney. I am fairly certain that he is going to smoke my rear up that hill. And so I am preparing for the blog lashing I will receive early. Have you seen the calves on that man? He is Paul Bunyan on steroids. So look forward to that video. It shall be a grand time.
In the meanwhile. Lets continue to spread the link love. I know I am behind and will spend an hour or so manana linking you up. Let me know if you are a linker to this blog and I will send some love back to you.

Linking is love and love is linking.