FolgersI spend approximately $35.00 a month on Starbucks Coffee. Sometimes more. Sometimes less.
That is about 20 days of my Grande coffee with room for cream.
After playing with Shaun last week, and reading Joshua’s post last night, I am a bit nauseated by this frivolous spending.
Heed this though, I probably have the smallest Starbucks budget out of all the regulars who come in. My $1.75 coffee is nothing compares to some of the venti, blended, whipped nastiness that go flying down some of those pieholes. Some people pay upwards of 6 bucks a drink. There. I feel better about myself.
All this to say. I just went to Vons and bought a can of Folgers for 2.95. According to the can it should last me all month. I am going to give the rest away. In some way shape or form.

Just a small dent, but a dent none the less.
What can you give up for the sake of compassion this month?

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