I have met Anne. I have met Randy. I have now met The Shlog. All I have left is Scott and Longbrake and I will have achieved blogging immortality. Meeting my top 5. Turning digital love into arm wrapping, Ragamuffin fullness. I was able to hang with Brody and Shaun for almost 7 hours. Poor guys. It was a blast. But I did learn a few things last night.

1. Brody’s wife cannot be surprised.
2. Shaun can hold a crowd of Seventh Day Adventists captive for over an hour with nothing more than a guitar and his lanky frame.
3. I have forgotten how to hold a crowd of Seventh Day Adventists captive for 45 minutes with just a guitar and my stocky frame.
4. When it is time for Brody to put on the manager hat, he is a pit bull.
5. Shaun has weak abs.
6. Brody has abs of steel.
7. Shaun’s eye was watering all night long. It was touching.
8. Brody’s wife has not vomited since he left.
9. Shaun and Brody’s heart for Compassion and helping those in need is as real as I am brown.
10. Shaun and Brody are legit. They don’t just act like it on the internet.

So big ups to them for letting me be part of last night. It was an honor.
Check out next weeks Soulcast for a one on one with Shaun himself.
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I’ve been Shlogged.