So yea. This morning I drove down to LA to audition for TLC’s Miami Ink spinoff, LA INK. I read on Kat’s Myspace that they were doing an open casting call and I thought, “What the heck. The last time I did something like this I ended up being Eeyore at Disneyland for a year of my life.” I had spent about an hour last night getting my stuff together.

  1. Completely filled out LA Ink application
  2. Valid ID
  3. Image of yourself
  4. Image of the artwork you want done
  5. Story of why you want that piece.

I piled it all together and away I drove.
Img 5452

45 minutes later I was next to Dodgers Stadium at KGB Studios (Kolor Graphics Bureau) standing in a line of over 200 people. The mood was tense. Everyone was checking out everyone else’s artwork. Everyone was thinking that everyone else’s artwork was inferior to theirs. I just knew that I had a good story and hoped I could sell it.

Img 5467

The lot was pretty dope in that there was bomb dropped all over the walls surrounding us. Beautiful stuff. Made me wish I lived in LA and not the dirtyside. There is more culture on a single wall surrounding that lot than all of Riverside combined. Made me wonder why I don’t drive out more often. Then I remembered. It is called the 60 freeway.
Img 5455

Then around 11ish Kat rolled in. She rolled in with her posse in tow all rock starred out. I am all about the way she rolled in. The buzz was in the air. Everyone was pumped. She rolled out and went straight to the front of the line. By this point I had been waiting for about an hour and it was getting hot. I thought to myself that there is no way her and her dolled up divas were going to stick around longer than 5 minutes. They were looking fly and I am sure the heat would not do wonders on the makeup. But 5 minutes turned to 10. And 10 to 20. 30 minutes later they were all still smiling and actually looked like they wanted to be there.
Img 5457

I am not kidding here. 7 people before the artists got to me, one of the producers came up and told Kat…”1 more minute then you have to go.” There was like another 70 people behind me. I knew I had just got screwed out of my chance to say hey and snap a shot. With every person closer, her PA got more annoyed and wanted Kat to get in the car because they were really late and someone, somewhere was pissed. Kat told her to tell whoever it was to get over it and told her to stop answering the phone. She was not leaving until she said hey to EVERYONE who was baking in the parking lot. I have to admit. That might have sold me. She was sincere and actually looked like she cared about the 90 seconds of random information I spit out at her. It was rad to say the least. She has my vote. Thats for sure. Here’s a shot with her and her 2 new cast mates. Fellow artists Kim and Hannah.
Img 5460

So yea. That made the 3 hours in the sun a little more bearable. Thanks to Kat and Hannah and Kim for actually doing what most in the industry would not do. It was cool.
So then it was just a matter of meeting the producers and selling my story. Christina came out from the JC’s Girls Adult Expo mission to hang for a while. It was nice not being alone in that line. Then I got called in. I walked into a room and they had me hold a sign up with my name on it and tell the camera my name and phone number. I said it with as much pizzaz as a former Disney employee could. Then the cool producer lady with the Italian accent asked me about the tattoo I wanted and it’s significance. I tried with as much fervor as possible to explain that it was a 16th century drawing of Saul’s Conversion. It is a religious piece depicting Saul of Tarsus being blinded by God. This happened in scripture because Saul was against God in every way possible. He killed Christians and lived for himself. This was the moment that Saul became Paul and turned his life to God.
I told her about living for myself. Even as a pastor. And realizing with the journey to adopt my son that it was not about me anymore. How I got blinded by God in various ways and now realize what it is all about. From losing the weight to meet the Korean government guidelines for adoption. To my friends and family providing almost EVERY PENNY I needed. It was a life changing year for sure.

I think they liked the story.
Img 5463

So in the end I had a great day. And that was only till 3.
My wife got home from the Porn Convention and told me she had a surprise for me.
You’ll want to check back for that one tomorrow. She is nuts.
La Raza

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