So tonight H and I went to dinner with some good friends Jason and Melissa. I actually have another set of friends named Jason and Melissa. Strange. Anyways…
Jason is landscaping our backyard so he and Heather went to town on the designing while we were at Borders. Melissa and I spent over an hour thumbing through the Post Secret book. I had been to the website before. But an entire book of the cards was addicting. When we were done we went and grabbed another book.
So the rest of the night I just sat there and thought of the one secret I could send to
13345 Copper Ridge Road
Germantown, Maryland
USA 20874-3454
I just got finished with it. I hope it makes the cut.
I have an addictive personality like that. When I put down that book, I knew I needed to mail one in.
So to end my addiction this evening, let us do it here.
Just make up a fake email address, and post your secret. I’ll go first in the comment section…but then it wont be a secret. O’well. Now you’ll know.


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