BloggingWhile dealing with the wide spread readership my blog has been given, I had a thought. If not only a fleeting thought. A thought none the less.
What responsibility do I have as a blogger for the topics to which I gently poke around at? What about the ones that I unleash the full force of Ragamuffin sarcasm? I think it is a valid question. So perusing around I found a nice list of 10 Rules of Responsible Blogging… While reading this list I realized some rules that I am doing great on. And some I am not doing so good on. Some rules I completely disagree with. Some rules I have no idea what they mean. But in an effort to continue to create a community of good bloggers, I gave myself this report card.

1. Check your facts – B
I don’t really report “news” per se. Mostly opinions. But I DID find out that they do NOT sell the anointing oil.
2. Respect Copyright Law – NA
I failed that class.
3. Consider the implications – D
C’mon. I know that is half the reason you guys stop by here. This is one I used to not care too much about when it was just my mom reading my blog. Now she won’t read it for exactly this reason.
4. Control the comments – F
You guys are a feisty bunch. But so am I. Once I unleash a post I pretty much let the comments go where they will. That is not very responsible of me. So I’m gonna reign yo butts in. Disagreements are GREAT. But let’s do it in a Christlike manner. At least try people. 😉
5. Give credit where credit is due – A
Thats what the (ht:XXX) is for people. And no. I have never given xxx a ht.
6. Disclose professional relationships – A
I make sure to the right that you know that Sandals is just as nervous about what goes on here as my mom. So my head is my head. BUT, I have to be responsible with it. They did hire it. My head that is.
7. Disclose sponsored posts – NA
Who is gonna sponser a post?
8. Be transparent with affiliate links – NA
Ain’t no one payin me for this yet people.
9. Respect Tax Law – NA
10. Avoid “blackhat” methods – NA
I’m not smart enough to do that stuff.

So looking at that list I am not very happy with my grades. I feel there is ALWAYS room to grow as a blogger as I plan to do. I’m not gonna lose my eye. Truth per se. But looking inward is always good.
What’s more, I think there should be a 10 Rules of Christlike Blogging post written somewhere. I’m too tired to write that one. Somebody needs to.

Maybe after I raise my grades here.