Sonic Boom – Sonic booms generate enormous amounts of sound energy, sounding much like an explosion; typically the shock front may approach 167 megawatts per square meter, and may exceed 200 decibels. Thunder is a type of natural sonic boom, created by the rapid heating and expansion of air.

I just put Losiah to bed for his afternoon nap. Heather was packing her bags to leave for the Porn convention. And BOOOOM. My windows shook. Pictures rattled. I JUMPED up and ran into Losiah’s room. It sounded like his armoire fell over and exploded. It was not like an earthquake. Those are fun. This was a kaboom.
Nothing. I saw nothing.
Then the TV went to a “special report” and Paul Majors gets on and says…”The Space Shuttle Atlantis just reentered the atmosphere and is flying over Riverside, CA heading towards a landing at Edwards Airforce Base. You may have heard 2 distinct explosions as it flew overhead.”

So the BOOOOM was the space shuttle. That is rad.
Below is a pic of a space shuttle producing a sonic boom.

It just gave me a few minutes of that childhood wonder.
Where did that wonder go anyways?